Adam Danyal
Founder of Superstar Network,,Technology Enthusiast
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  • Adam Danyal is a video producer and e-business professional based out of London, United Kingdom. A digital entrepreneur by trade, he connects products and services to digital markets through social media and video content. He applies his knowledge and passion for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship to engage communities through simple, yet meaningful video content. He focuses on high-quality nonfiction storytelling that has grown his social networks rapidly. He graduated from the University of London and obtained his Master’s degree in E-Business and Innovation.

    Adam Danyal has experience that speaks for itself. He started his career with RealNetworks, the online media company who pioneered the first online video, where he looked after their tech operations. This gave him a wealth of insider’s knowledge into the digital world. He then moved onto working for The Really Useful Group, where he managed all aspects of digital strategies including web production and social media for Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber for his musicals including The Phantom of The Opera, Cats The Musical and Wizard of Oz.

    Alongside his passion for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, Adam Danyal has also applied his decade-long digital marketing knowledge and experience to focus on social content publishing; delivering timeless entertainment that enabled him to grow Superstar Magazine on Facebook to 2+ million likes and Uplift Post to 2+ million likes through feel-good and inspirational content. He has built a reputation as a digital expert who can grow brands and generate sustainable revenue through creative strategies.

    Adam Danyal dedicates his time to sharing his passion for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship with all of you using video media through his social networking platforms. He is on a mission to bring you the latest innovations and technological developments from all over the world, as well as uplifting stories of entrepreneurship that will inspire you.

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