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Electric Transport Pods

These electric transport pods are modern and economical high-speed passenger and cargo transport systems that are eco-friendly, safe, comfortable, and considerably more cost-effective for their production and operation than already existing solutions.

They are designed and developed by Unitsky String Technologies, based in the Republic of Belarus. The technology is based on a state-of-the-art string rail, or rail-string that is a “concrete or steel-reinforced beam or truss with a railhead and additionally reinforced with pre-stretched strings.”

There is an array of string rails and corresponding designs of track structure. This includes rigid, semi-rigid, flexible to coiled tubing to super light string rails with different ranges of speed.

The passenger transport system provides transportation within a city and satellite cities, and a high-speed version to connect local networks in one large global system. These include the 2-passenger Uniwind or Unibike e-vehicles that are designed for remote or recreation areas, tourist routes, and local transport lines. They can go up to 100 km/h.

The Unicar can accommodate 2-6 passengers, the Unibus is for 14 seated passengers for urban and suburban routes which can also have its capacity increased to 48 passengers with both sitting and standing options. These have a top speed of 150 km/h. Finally, the Uniflash for up to 6 passengers is designed for intercity and international routes and has a separate luggage compartment. The maximum speed for the Uniflash is up to 500 km/h.

The cargo transport system can carry 99.9% of bulk goods to a distance of over 500 km, which is vital in the development of mineral deposits, mining and oil extraction, coal and steel industry, construction sector, etc.

It can reach remote locations, highlands, desert areas, jungles, and offshore, regardless of the climate. The capacity of the cargo ranges from – Untruck for transporting loose (or bulk) cargo, a Bi-rail Unitruck cargo vehicle that transports more cargo than a semi-trailer truck to Unicont, an eco-friendly seaport transport and a conveyor-type vehicle that provides superior safety of transported goods.

Unitsky String Technologies, also has two projects underway: its EcoTechnoPark operating in Belarus, a center that highlights string innovative technologies and its international expert evaluation and certification, and the SkyWay Innovation Center that’s under construction in the UAE. The SkyWay Innovation Center will become part of Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park, which will concurrently provide transport links for local campuses and serve as a showroom for the Middle East.

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