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Wave Energy Converter Turns Waves Into Power

No matter the size of a wave or the weather conditions wave energy will be harvested! This is Weptos, an A-shaped floating wave energy converter that is designed to extract wave energy input in a fresh and innovative way. Built with a floating angular construction, the Wave Energy Converter is adaptive to sea conditions. By adjusting its opening angle, it can regulate the wave energy input and reduce the impact during harsh weather conditions.

Developed by Danish company WEPTOS A/S, (whose acronym stands for Wave Energy Power Take-Off System), WEPTOS is said to be more cost-effective at producing electricity than existing offshore wind turbines.

The V‐shaped structure absorbs the wave energy through a line of rotors, which rotate to convert waves into electricity. The breakdown is – that each rotor transmits the energy to a common axle, directly attached to a generator. This action offers “even energy generation” throughout the duration of the wave. Thus, allowing other known generator solutions to be applied.

As mentioned, this innovative wave energy converter is made to handle any incoming sea condition thanks to the adaptability of the device’s opening angle. During normal operating wave conditions, the device can increase its width depending on the incoming wavefront. On the other hand, during extreme wave conditions, it can reduce its interaction. So, the wave energy converter is always adjusting and working with the elements – regardless of levels of strength. Plus, it’s built with a solid anchoring system for installation at almost any depth.

This robust wave energy converter’s high-performance Power Take-Off (PTO) system is a fresh invention designed and patented by Weptos. Dubbed a “breakthrough in mechanical extraction of wave energy,” its performance has undergone vigorous testing. Plus, it’s the takeaway to utilizing previously-known generator technology from wind turbines. Bottom line, Weptos’ direct drive system is “a reliable, strong and silent solution.”

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