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This Mobile Container Turns Into Solar Power Plant

Meet MOVEIt, a mobile solar container that’s like a renewable energy version of Jack-in-the-Box, or better yet a “sun box.” MOVEIt emerges from a box – or in its case, a shipping container, and a robust fleet of solar panels automatically unfold and track the sun! All in just 15 minutes – with just a press of a button! This genius portable solar farm can be set up anywhere and bring power to any location. All you need is one trained person and you’re up in running in a jiffy!

It’s an especially beneficial solution in equatorial areas where MOVEIt can achieve the highest performance. One of the amazing features of the MOVEIt mobile solar containers is that they come with an optional solar tracking system. This way you can optimize your solar power and get the most bang for your buck! Thanks to good engineering and Mother Nature of course!

MOVEIt is equipped with a set of sensors that allows for continuous alignment with the sun. Another plus of this solar tracking system is that it can operate for long stretches of time sans round-the-clock supervision. MOVEIt also has an impressive hydraulic system, which is a major feature of its innovative design. It’s the brainchild of engineering experts in the field of specialized mobile constructions. Hydraulics can run solely on internal power.

Plus, recharging during transport is also an option. So, what’s the power output? It’s up to 75 kWp, but it really depends on the installed PVs. The SunBOX M frame can accommodate up to 180 solar panels. Another key component is that the frame design allows for easy replacement and an upgrade of PVs in the future. These valuable off-grid containers can be set up in remote locations – from rural clinics to temporary workshops, military camps, and disaster reliefs. Other applications include irrigation, refrigeration, and water purification.

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