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Smart Solar Flower Cuts Your Electricity Bill To $0

This is the Smartflower, a state-of-the-art solar energy system that is elegantly designed to look like a flower, and its sleek “petals” “bloom” and follows the sun from sunrise to sunset for optimal solar power. This impressive and intelligent solar energy system isaesthetically pleasing and mimics “Mother Nature, the Original Engineer” as its giant solar-panel petals one-by-one absorb the sun’s rays like a real flower would.

Smartflower is super-efficient and catches every possible ray of sunlight, unlike solar panels that are mounted on top of a roof without mobility. Smartflower is fully-integrated with smart features and it also has smart cooling. Smartflower produces up to 40 percent more power than a conventional solar system and capable of producing 4,000-6,400 kilowatt-hour/year, depending on your location. For example, one single Smartflower supplies enough energy to support a four-person household. The way this solar beauty works is it has a smart tracking system and each morning at sunrise, it automatically unfolds.

Thanks to its dual-axis system, Smartflower’s solar panels are able to follow the sun across the sky – from east to west for the duration of the day while always maintaining the optimal 90-degree angle to the sun. Then every day at sunset, Smartflower will automatically fold up and clean itself to maintain peak solar utilization. In the event of inclement weather, Smartflower will automatically fold up its massive petals for the duration of the storm.

With over 1,400 installations worldwide – and growing, Smartflower is blooming across the globe with more businesses, schools, and homes increasingly becoming more self-sustainable. Also, coming soon is the Smartflower EV, where you can charge your electric vehicle with fully-renewable energy directly from Smartflower via its EV output. Employees can also benefit from Smartflower EV as they can charge their electric vehicle freely and sustainably.

The Smartflower +Plus, which adds a powerful and fully-integrated battery will also be available. It will reduce the reliance on electric grid power or be used in case of a power outage. This is ideal for remote locations without grid access. In any version it may come in, Smartflower s a stunning and functional piece of art.

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