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Folding Caravan Expands Into Off-Grid Tiny House

Meet the sCarabane, a sleek, eco-friendly, and futuristic spin on the ‘ol clunky, gas-guzzling traditional caravan! It’s the eco-‘glamping’ of the future. Created by Green Cat Technologies, the sCarabane is a self-sufficient 360-degree rotating caravan that follows the sun to harness solar energy and uses a wind turbine to harness wind energy – all while optimizing renewable technologies on board!

Built on a circular track, or an “assembled pod” for 360-degree rotation, the sCarabane also has solar panels and the aforementioned built-in vertical access wind turbine, which can generate up to 500 watts of power separately from one another. It’s also equipped with a sizeable parabolic mirror that folds out of the roof and collects thermal energy from the sun. This solar concentrator is then used to heat water for use in the shower and the kitchen sink. It also has rose windows on the bedroom ceilings that allow campers to control the sunlight’s intensity within the cabin. 

Besides its impressive renewable capabilities, the sCarabane has an innovative foldable design. In just 30 minutes, just one person is needed to unfold the sCarabane into a welcoming futuristic retreat with a 140 square-foot foldout deck that overlooks your stunning views of a lake or a picturesque landscape of your choosing. This trailer transformation is impressive and surprisingly large and airy when unfolded.

It’s equipped with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a fully-equipped kitchen with the necessary amenities and appliances, and a dining area that also converts into an extra bed for guests. The kitchen stove still uses a traditional propane tank, however.

The bathroom area includes a shower, toilet, sink, and a compact washing machine to clean all of your outdoor adventure gear! The Green Cat Technologies team is reportedly working on a solution for collecting and filtering fresh water to make it genuinely self-sufficient. At the back of the sCarabane, there is a futuristic-looking rotating bubble window that allows natural daylight to filter in throughout the cabin. Plus, it offers views of your stunning and serene surroundings.

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