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Meet Electrom, The Pedal-Electric Recumbent E-Bike

Meet the Electrom, a zero-emission e-bike that meets you halfway between a bicycle and a car. It allows you to exercise with the added perks of a bike. It’s eco-friendly, smooth, and comfortable, and it protects you and your cargo from the elements and allows you to avoid traffic.

Its stand-over height is only 17 inches, plus it has a swing- away front fairing, an easily deployed center-stand, and understeer handlebars that make getting on and off a real cinch! Its pedaling station is mounted sufficiently. Off the ground, therefore, you can rule out the possibility of pedal-strike on tight corners.

This sleek and attractive e-bike with dual motors has controls that are intuitive and seamless, and include only a throttle, brakes, and turn signals. The Electrom allows the rider to continuously pedal at “a constant effort without the need to shift gears to match the human energy to the speed the vehicle is traveling.”.

This is especially beneficial when you’re dealing with stop-and-go fluctuations in a city. All of these components make for an optimal riding experience. Designed to be pedaled, one of the Electrom’s main features is its state-of-the-art Generator & Chain Drive System, which functions like an automatic transmission for a bike.

The way it works is the rider’s energy is divided and travels through two separate drive chains – to an onboard generator and to the back-hub motor with one very low gear. Using direct pedal energy, the rider can assist the motor to get the vehicle up to speed and climb steep hills.

However, at speeds over 15kmph the chain drive is freewheeling and the rider’s energy is going only into the generator. You can also track your power output. The human power that’s generated by the Generator & Chain Drive System is transmitted through a shunt and displayed in watts on the Grin Cycle Analyst V3 display.

Riders can choose if they want a real sweaty workout or a smooth Sunday drive in the countryside that’s comparable to walking at a gentle pace. The rider can pedal as little or as much as they desire. This feature is ideal for commuting to the office. Electrom boasts up to 3700 watts of power and a 200-kilometer range with 2800 watt-hour battery.

It has dual hub motors and a top speed of 65 km/h (or 40 mph). It weighs 57 kg or 125 lbs with one battery and 70 kg or 155 lbs with two batteries. Its total length is 277 cm (or 109 inches) and its wheelbase is 213 cm (or 84 inches).

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