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Edina Waterlight – The Lamp Powered by Salt-Water

This is WaterLight, developed by the Colombian renewable energy start-up, E-Dina. It’s a revolutionary lantern that generates light and power by using one of the most precious natural resources on earth, the sea. Using just two cups of saltwater, this beautiful lantern can create clean and renewable energy for up to 45 days!

WaterLight is life-changing for communities who live in remote, off-grid areas without access to reliable electricity. Additionally, WaterLight is eco-friendly, being 100% recyclable and waterproof. So, it’s durable and sustainable regardless of where it ends up.

The WaterLight also has sacred ancestral ties. The design is inspired by the Colombian Wayúu community and their ancestral connection with the sea. This indigenous community lives on the remote La Guajira peninsula that spans the border of Colombia and Venezuela. This access to electricity fosters economic growth and improves their quality of life.

Before the fishermen were unable to fish at night, children had to do their homework by candlelight, which was hazardous, artisans weren’t able to fill their orders, and cell phones couldn’t be charged. Now all of that has changed. So, how does saltwater generate electricity? This incredible lantern utilizes the ionization of an electrolyte composed of saltwater, which converts the magnesium inside of the lantern.

More specifically, it has a specifically-designed electronic circuit that manages to extend the transfer of these ions from a saline medium to convert them into convenient and instantaneous energy. The electrodes of the salt bridge enable the draining of energy from the saltwater, (an already established process), but with the electronic circuit.

This small yet mighty circuit makes it possible to extract around 500 watts for each liter of water! WaterLight’s possibilities are endless. It can benefit off-grid communities in need of an electrical source to supply light, charge a cell phone, or listen to a radio. It can also serve the recreation industry, for outdoorsmen or women who are camping in remote locations, and education – for turning on a computer or a television. Isn’t saltwater simply amazing?!

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