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Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster Improves Safety and Comfort
The Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster is for pregnant women to make their car journeys safer and more comfortable. It's designed for use by women 3 months into their pregnancy until… Read more.
Vertiball Portable Massage Ball Easily Relieves Muscle Knots
Vertiball is a 360° rotating and portable massage ball that mounts onto any smooth surface to easily relieve muscle knots, tension and back pain using your body weight. Instead of… Read more.
CarAIDE 3X is a Swiss-Style 18-in-1 Car Multi-Tool Gadget
CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X is a Swiss-style 18-in-1 gadget that can save your life in an emergency. It can jump-start your car, cut a safety belt, break a car window if… Read more.
DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Instantly Secures Doors
Meet DoorJammer, an easy-to-use door security device that works on any inswinging door, even without a lock or handle. It installs in seconds by simply turning the screw and can… Read more.
Goat Steep Assist Roof Ladder Improves Roof Work Safety
Goat Steep Assist is an innovative roof ladder that hooks onto your roof and increases the safety of roof work. It's inspired by a mountain goat’s incredible ability to ascend… Read more.
Alphahom Care Go Personal Safety Alarm Saves Lives
Alphahom Care Go is a smart personal safety alarm that fits on your keychain to alert your loved ones in an emergency. Just connect the device to your iPhone with… Read more.
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