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PIQO: Smartest Portable Mini Projector Powered by Android
PIQO is the most portable mini projector in the world. Despite being just 2.25 inches, it's powerful and turns your average videos into a cinematic experience. The smart projector connects… Read more.
EcoFlow Delta 2 Smart and Portable Power Station
The EcoFlow Delta 2 Portable Power Station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator with a 1 kWh capacity that be expanded up to 3 kWh. Equipped with a 1800W AC output, you… Read more.
Alphahom Care Go Personal Safety Alarm Saves Lives
Alphahom Care Go is a smart personal safety alarm that fits on your keychain to alert your loved ones in an emergency. Just connect the device to your iPhone with… Read more.
DoorJammer Portable Door Lock Instantly Secures Doors
Meet DoorJammer, an easy-to-use door security device that works on any inswinging door, even without a lock or handle. It installs in seconds by simply turning the screw and can… Read more.
uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor Reveals Real-time Virus Index
Now you can check the real-time air quality inside your home or office with the uHoo Indoor Air Quality Sensor. Smart, accurate, portable, and affordable, this helpful device measures nine… Read more.
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