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Altwork Station Lets You Sit, Stand, or Lie Down and Work
Workaholics and gamers, listen up! You no longer have to suffer with chronic aches and pains that accompany long hours at the office - or when working remotely. Altwork Station… Read more.
Floately Airsai Levitating Plant Lets Magic and Positivity Float
What’s better than indoor plants to feel a sense of calm and positivity? Levitating plants! Airsai takes your indoor experience to the next level with magnetic levitating plant pots. With… Read more.
SitGo Telescopic Portable Stool Lets You Sit Anywhere
The SitGo portable stool is collapsible, lightweight, and provides quick, easy, stable and comfortable seating – on the fly. Just stretch it to the desired height, twist each section clockwise… Read more.
ToothShower, Best In-Shower Water Flosser and Toothbrush
ToothShower Water Flosser is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and gentle oral care solution that you can use in the shower! It gives mess-free deep cleaning that leaves you with healthier gums,… Read more.
Skysaver Evacuation Backpack Lets You Escape Building Fires
SkySaver is an evacuation backpack that lets you escape out of a window from a high-rise building during emergencies instead of using the stairs. It's easy to use and requires… Read more.
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