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Ujet: Foldable Electric Scooter

This is Ujet, a sleek, modern, and smart electric scooter that folds and unfolds in seconds for easy storage and transportation.

The award-winning German design elevates scooters with its innovative spin on the electrical engine by combining the hubless wheel with an external rotor design. This in-wheel motor is the lightest in its class with a maximum power of 3.6 kW (or 4.9 hp equivalent), giving the scooter a top speed of top around 30 miles per hour.

Besides its commanding presence and having the first-ever mass-produced orbital wheel and an asymmetrical frame, this non-conventional stylish scooter sets itself apart from the rest. It’s built out of a robust and lightweight advanced alloy and carbon fiber construction. These advanced composite materials, typically used in aerospace, weigh 49 kg.

Ujet has unique tires that are made of rubber and Carbon nanotubes (called Tuball). Comparable to hollowed tubes which only have one atom of carbon, they are “stronger than steel, a better conductor than copper, ultralight and can supercharge a lot of materials, including rubber.” Tuball is the only material able to check off all the performance boxes of a tire, which include range, wet grip, and longevity.

This trendy scooter is simultaneously super-functional as you can detach the seat compartment/battery of the Ujet (which has wheels) and easily transport it for charging, etc.

Very versatile, its smart battery can be used as a power bank for your devices, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes via integrated wireless speakers. You can choose from two sizes of batteries with an estimated range of over 100km. Charging your Ujet is seamless from any standard socket, and in three to six hours you’ll be charged and ready to hit the road.

Also equipped with a 7″ touchscreen, the Ujet has a top-notch user interface. It enables easy access to GPS navigation, music playback, telephony as well as an integrated camera to capture the highlights of your scenic rides.

You can stay connected to your Ujet with a dedicated iOS and Android app, which allows you to lock and unlock the scooter, track its location, and share Ujet with your friends and loved ones. The app also monitors the scooter’s performance and notifies of any potential alerts.

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